mumyo - euphoria - 長久手公演 2024年9月7日


2024年9月7日(土) 、長久手市文化の家(愛知県長久手市)で行う予定です。



コンサートの詳細は未定ですが、続報は、”長久手市文化の家” のウェブページのほか、 mumyo - euphoria (2024) 特設ページ または X (Twitter) の mumyo アカウントでお知らせします。


Concert Announcement

On September 7, 2024, we will be hosting a concert in Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture.

Nagakute is a new and small suburban city located within the metropolitan area of Nagoya. It is adjacent not only to Nagoya City but also to Toyota City, which is famous for its automobile industry. Within Nagakute, you can visit attractions such as Ghibli Park and the Toyota Automobile Museum. This makes it an ideal location for both enjoying the concert and sightseeing.

The concert is organized by Nagakute City Government. Although the details of the concert are still being finalized, they will be announced as soon as they are confirmed on the website of “Nagakute Cultural House” or on our mumyo - euphoria (2024) webpage.